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Smart Laptop Cooling Board

Smart Laptop Cooling Board

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Meet our Smart Laptop Cooling Board – an innovative and efficient solution designed to keep your laptop running at optimal temperatures, ensuring enhanced performance and longevity.

Crafted for convenience and functionality, this smart cooling board is equipped with intelligent temperature control technology. The built-in sensors continuously monitor the laptop's temperature and automatically adjust the fan speed to maintain an optimal cooling level. Say goodbye to overheating issues and hello to improved performance and reliability. The slim and portable design of the cooling board makes it easy to carry and use wherever you work or play.

Type : Notebook cooler
Applicable models: Ultrabook, notebook
Cooling method: air cooling
Line length: 0.3 (m)
Material: metal mesh
Product size : 375*285*24mm
Color: Normal black (no LCD screen without speed bracket), luxury black (no LCD screen with speed bracket), flagship black (liquid crystal display six speed with bracket), flagship white (liquid crystal display six speed With stand), flagship blue (liquid crystal display six speed control with bracket)

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