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Portable High Pressure Water Gun

Portable High Pressure Water Gun

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Introducing our Portable High Pressure Water Gun – a versatile and powerful tool designed for various cleaning and watering tasks, providing convenience and efficiency wherever you need it. Crafted for practicality and functionality, this portable water gun delivers a high-pressure stream of water to tackle a range of cleaning applications. Whether you're washing your car, cleaning outdoor surfaces, or watering your garden, the high-pressure water jet ensures effective and thorough results.

The compact and portable design of the water gun makes it easy to handle and maneuver, allowing you to reach tight spaces and effectively clean or water various surfaces. The ergonomic grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, ensuring ease of use during extended periods.

Material: pure copper
Power source: Lithium battery
Specifications: 4980VF basic model + battery

Packing list:
Host + high pressure nozzle + fan nozzle + battery + filter + foam pot + metal rod + charger + 5m water pipe + water inlet quick connect *1 set

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